Is it Better for Casino Gamers to Download an App or Play Online?

Woman celebrating a win while playing mobile game

If you’re playing real money games on your mobile device, do you enjoy the best gaming experience and the top casino bonus codes when you play on your mobile browser or when you download the casino app?

At one time it was assumed that if you wanted the best experience you’d be better off with the app but today, most smart devices have plenty of processing power so they can handle the high-definition graphics and even virtual reality videos that today’s games feature. Many people simply find it easier to open up the browser and play, rather than go through the hassle of downloading the app.

The question, however, is, in reality, which option gives the best gaming event, the browser or the app?


Gaming operators are aware that players debate this issue and they want to make it as user-friendly as possible for people to enjoy their games in an atmosphere that best suits their needs and expectations.

Because of this, most online casinos and gaming operators  have optimized their sites so that users can enjoy mobile gaming directly through the browser on their phones.

The question is, is this the best option?

To make a decision, it’s best to compare and contrast.

Mobile gambling apps are designed primarily for people who like to play at a specific online casino and like to play on a regular basis. Via the app, the player has instant access to his/her favorite digital casino and to his/her favorite games quickly and easily All that’s necessary is to tap the casino’s icon and sign in.

The Google Play Store and the Apple Store have popularized mobile apps which can be downloaded in minutes. Gameplay becomes efficient and fluid.

It may appear that downloading the app is the most convenient way to play but statistics indicate that only about 20% of gamblers are willing to download an app. When questioned, the majority of players say that the mobile browser offers a more user-friendly experience which optimizes gameplay on the move.

They don’t seem to mind the fact that playing on mobile means that there are some features missing that they could get if they had the app. The  convenience of simply opening the casino on the mobile browser and starting to play immediately overrides other considerations.


One major consideration when deciding between a mobile app and the mobile browser is the issue of functionality.  For functionality, a good mobile gaming app generally beats the browser. Apps are optimized for accessory integration and seamless gameplay. In addition, the app can access the device’s GPU and CPU meaning that it’s a more powerful device for gaming action.

In addition, once you download the app you can often launch it offline so if you are not connected to the Internet for a period of time, you can still access your favorite games.

Today’s casino games are coded in HTML5 so, whereas in the past, previous FLASH coding didn’t allow for the kind of functionality that a gamer would want from a gaming event, the way that today’s games are coded, added to the smoother experience that the Chrome, Firefox or other HTML5-compatible browsers deliver, it’s easier to play today’s games on the browser of a laptop, PC or mobile device than ever before.

Alternately, if you play on a mobile browser, you may not be able to enjoy games that are optimized for your specific advice. Sometimes you have to navigate the casino site and optimize the games for your computing power and your screen size.

You can, however, log on and start playing without the need to download or update anything – as long as you have a good Internet connection.


The use of a casino app can also affect the casino bonuses to which you are entitled. Check your casino to see whether downloading an app will help you access additional casino bonuses. Promotional bonuses for downloading the app can include free spins, cashback offers, match points and more.

The most common of these casino bonus codes involves cash deposits that matches a percentage of the amount that you deposit as free bonus credits. The wins that you achieve on these free bonuses are counted as real money wins and the payouts are added to your regular casino payouts.

Google Play Store Vs. Apple Store

If you have an Android device you’ll be looking t the Google Play Store to download your casino app. Apple devices support apps found at the Apple Store. The kind of device that you have can impact on the decision of whether or not to play via the app or the browser.

Apple apps must be coded with native iOS code. That can add cost to the app download. The casino may absorb the cost but in the end, the user pays, some way or another.

If you’re an Android user you can download gambling apps directly from the app store after you pass Google’s application process.

For that reason, most online casinos feature games that are compatible with all operating systems. Therefore, your best option may involve the compatibility with your device.