Casino Coupon Codes Discount Guide

What a treat for the savvy online gamer! Here at Casino Coupon Codes, we curate all the best deals ready for you to redeem in a click. Read our discount guide and terms of use for how to make the best use of our coupons, what you need to be aware of and the amazing array of coupon types you can pick to suit your gaming needs.

Casino Coupon Codes Terms of Use

The terms of use for the Casino Coupon Codes lay out the conditions that you need to fulfill to get the full benefit of casino discounts. Read over our terms of use in this discount guide, so you can download the coupons and use them for any of your preferred casino game play. You can access the codes from your personal casino inbox and apply them to any gaming event. Casino Coupon Codes makes online gaming more accessible and more user-friendly for casual and VIP gamers alike.

How The Casino Coupons Work

The casino coupons are straightforward discount vouchers that you can use when playing any of your preferred casino games. You can apply the codes to your slots, table games, specialty games or any other casino event. The casino coupons are good for all gaming platforms so regardless of whether you’re playing on your mobile or on a PC you can use the coupons at your leisure.

The casinos archive the coupons in the player’s personal casino account. When a coupon is applicable to a player’s gaming session, the coupon code immediately appears on the screen. The player receives a prompt that allows him to enter the code into the appropriate field and the account is immediately credited with the discount.

Here is an example of how it (usually) works: When a new casino gamer is preparing to play a blackjack game for real money, the player will click on the variation of the blackjack game that he wants to play and will make his deposit. The coupon will be deposited into his account and the player will enter the correct code, as indicated on the casino’s “Bonuses” email. The bonus discount will be automatically applied to the game which will add the match credits and/or free spins as indicated.

The coupons are applied equally to all casino games including the table games, the slot machines, the lotteries, and the specialty games. In addition, all of the bonus coupons are valid for both the Live Dealer platform and games played on the video gaming machines. These coupons enable gamers to play more of their favorite casino games for more time for free. Our discount guide will lead you on the path of smart play and a boosted bankroll.

Best Coupons

Casino coupon codes enable gamers at select casinos to access the best deals for their gaming activities. We work with a limited number of select casinos in order to guarantee that you’ll receive the most rewarding promotional bonuses on your games. All of the online casinos we promote offer bonuses, but every casino’s bonus package is different.

It’s almost impossible for the average player to calculate which casino presents the most rewarding giveaways. That’s our job. We scan the Internet and use advanced algorithms to calculate which casinos feature the best online gambling bonuses. Then we collaborate with those top casinos to create coupon codes which become available to our visitors who go on to play at those casinos.


As casinos update their bonus packages, we update our site. We add the new bonuses, remove the old bonuses and confirm the various bonuses on a regular basis. We’ll tell you the bonus code to use, as well as keep our site updated and tell all in our ongoing discount guide messages, just where you can go to get the best discounts on the largest number of deposits.

Types of Casino Bonus Coupons

Casino coupon codes are available for a wide range of gaming events. They include a whole range of bankroll boosters and can be exactly what you need to reach that win or lengthen the entertainment value of your gaming event:

Welcome Bonuses

When you enter the online casino for the first time, you’ll receive a new player bonus. This coupon code enables you to explore the casino’s games, promotions, platforms, and other amenities without adding any additional deposits. Via the Welcome Bonus, you’ll be welcomed into the casino with match gaming credits that will match the deposits that you’ve already made. This allows you to double your gaming time without adding more wagers.

The Welcome Bonus is applicable to VIP players and low-budget, casual gamers alike.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are considered by players to be the best casino bonuses on the market, because they allow you to receive a free sum to play at the casino without depositing. Generally, all you need to do is sign up for a casino account or reach a specific goal in casino activity. The casino will offer a coupon, that once redeemed will add free money to your account. Most No Deposit Bonuses coupons offer small sums of cash or often some free spins to give you a feel for a specific game or just to whet your appetite as an incentive for the casino experience.

Free Spins

The free spins bonuses are free spins on the slot machines, offered by online casinos as a reward for activity, as a welcome to the casino or to try out a new game. They are often offered in conjunction with other promotions, such as the welcome bonus or no deposit bonus, or when a new slot is launched. There is no shortage of online casinos who give free spin coupons even for first deposits. Online casinos with the best welcome bonuses usually offer free spins during registration, combining them with promotions dedicated to new users.

Deposit and Match Bonuses

Ongoing boosters in coupon form that will match a deposit with a minimum and maximum deposit rule. These are the bread and butter of the online casino coupons and ensure that your bank roll capabilities are pumped up with extra funds.

Reload Bonuses

A Reload Bonus is set up so you’ll keep reloading your account and keep gambling. It’s quite similar to a Welcome Bonus and is often a well-timed coupon offering say a 100% Match up to $100 of free money. There are coupons that specify how many deposits you need to have made in order to qualify for the reload coupon and there are those coupons that simply require a certain time period of activity.

Loyalty Points and Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty Bonuses are for players who have been with the casino for an extended period of time and have reached various seniority levels. The higher your VIP status, the more of these types of online casino bonuses and coupon codes you’re likely to receive and the larger the percentages will be.

As you play at the casino you accumulate Loyalty Points. The more you play, the more Loyalty Points you accrue. When you accumulate a specific number of points, you’ll be able to use those points to play more games and wager with your accumulated points. In addition to accruing points, you can also collect online casino rewards and then redeem a coupon with your reward.

VIP Bonuses

VIP bonuses and other casino amenities are delivered to high rollers who can up their already-high wagering action with more credits, points, free spins and free cash. All of the VIP bonuses are applicable to all of the casino games on any gaming platform.

New Game Bonuses

When the casino features a new game, they want to get feedback from players regarding their thoughts about the game. To move that forward they offer free spins and free cash to gamers who test out these new games. Watch their promotions page to see the current new game bonuses available.

Pick a new game and find the matching casino bonus code. Submit that code and start playing. Your bonus cash and free spins will be added to your game balance allowing you to enjoy the game while carefully examining the game and determine whether it’s a winner for the casino – and for you.

Cashback Deals

Cashback deals make it profitable to lose! When a casino offers a cashback deal, grab it! It means that you’ll receive money back on your losses so you can redeposit them and try to turn those losses into wins.

You’ll collect the money that you win on your cashback bets and those wins will then be added to your other payouts.

Mid-Week and Weekend Bonuses

The mid-week bonuses reward you for playing in the middle of the week. If you’re lucky your casino will also give you a Monday bonus which boosts your weekday bonus giveaways even more. There are also special coupons for gaming activities in which you engage on the weekends for an even more rewarding weekend gaming adventure.

Our goal at Casino Coupon Codes is to make it more satisfying than ever to play at the online casino. So make the best of our discount guide to enjoy more of the best!