5 Famous Desert Treasures – Lost and Found

A photo of gold bars, gold coins and bags stuffed with coins spread over a surface with a white background

Did you know treasure has been unearthed or lies undiscovered under the shifting sands of the Atacama, Gobi and Colorado deserts?  Yup, we’ve got all the facts and figures.  If deserts aren’t your thing, you can sign up at Everygame Casino Red instead.  Here is why…

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For those of you who are relic hunters at heart, don’t sweat it.  We have scoured books, maps, myths and legends with one aim in mind.  To find all we can on desert treasures – lost and found.  Here is what we have discovered.

Deserts are Great Stash Spots for Riches

Through the centuries, adventurers, prospectors and conquistadors have scoured the earth for hidden jewels, coins and precious metals.  Some have stumbled upon a cache of riches quite by accident.  Others have spent their entire lives searching, to no avail.

What these treasure hunters have in common is their search locations.  Their ‘scratch patches’ as it were, are the world’s most forbidding deserts.  These huge tracts of nothingness stretch for as far as the eye can see.

Truth be told, the sheer magnitude and uniformity of deserts make them excellent stash spots.  They are eerie, enigmatic, desolate and dangerous… and conceal some of the world’s best kept secrets.  Here is what you need to know about the most famous desert treasures, one of which is up for grabs at Everygame Casino Red!

King Lobengula’s Treasure

Lobengula was the last king of the Matabele people in what is now known as Zimbabwe.  Over his reign, he accrued a huge hoard of riches.  When defeat by the British imperialist, Cecil John Rhodes and his men was imminent, Lobengula decided to hide his stash.

The king instructed his most trusted lieutenants to load the treasure onto wagons and leave the royal kraal, Bulawayo.  According to historical accounts, 13 wagons of gold, uncut diamonds and ivory left the kraal that day.  An impi of 1,200 warriors was sent along to guard the loot.

On arrival at a secret location in neighbouring Angola, the treasure was buried – and has never been discovered to this day.  Rumour has it Lobengula’s treasure is hidden somewhere in the Moçâmedes Desert, located in the south-west corner of the country.

Any lucky soul who happens upon it, can most definitely give up their day job.  There is reputedly four tons of gold, two buckets of diamonds and a fortune in ivory secreted somewhere underground.  At current prices, the gold alone is worth upwards of $55bn!  That is more than enough to keep the proverbial wolf from the door!

Buddhist Treasures of the Gobi Desert

Around 85 years ago, crates of sacred relics from the Khamar Khiid, a Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, were hidden deep in the Gobi Desert.  Only one man, a monk called Tuduv knew of the secret location.  The information was passed by word of mouth to his sons and grandsons.

Despite all odds, the treasure survived its entombment until part of it was unearthed in 2009.  It consisted of ancient manuscripts, intricate art works and bronze statutes – all of which are irreplaceable.  That said, the most iconic pieces of the trove were not solid gold ingots or precious gems.

Nope, they were the intimate belongings of the prominent Mongolian poet, physician, composer and Buddhist master, the great Dulduityn Danzanravjaa.  What is the estimated value of the Buddhist treasures of the Gobi?  Simply priceless… and there are still dozens of crates yet to be discovered!

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Incan Gold of the Atacama Desert

According to legend, the hauntingly beautiful Atacama Desert holds the key to an enormous store of gold.  When the Spaniards captured Atahualpa, the last king of the Incas, they demanded a ransom.  The deal was they would spare Atahualpa’s life in exchange for all the gold in the empire.

The precious metal was duly collected in the form of ingots, bars and statues – but some of it never reached its final destination.  The Spanish killed the king instead and a veritable hoard of gold was concealed in various locations, including the deep ravines and rocky outcrops of the Atacama desert.

Local people believe Atahualpa’s treasure is buried in the desert near the Cerro Quimal mountain range in Chile.  Legend has it a malevolent force guards the riches.  This evil force is known as the Mandinga – South America’s version of the devil – and it’s mission is to strike down anyone who tries to steal the gold.

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Gold Nuggets of the Colorado Desert

Sometime in the early- to mid-19th Century, a one legged mule trader called John Smith made an awesome discovery.  He was travelling through the Colorado desert on his way to California when two of his mules escaped and ran away.

Smith pursued the mules, albeit with great difficulty, to the top of one of three distinctly shaped buttes.  While there, he picked up a few heavy black stones which turned out to be pure gold nuggets!  Smith, who knew he had hit paydirt, did not reveal the location of the stones to anyone.  He did however mention the three buttes.

In search of his fortune, Smith set off into the desert again.  The peg-legged ‘prospector’ apparently went in the direction of the Chocolate Mountains… but was never heard of or seen again.  Plenty of men have since tried to find Smith’s secret stash but have come up empty handed.

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