The Witch Chronicles – Past & Present with Futuristic Free Spins Offers Thrown In!

An illustration of a witch and her cat on a broomstick flying against a full moon with bats and trees on a purple background

Listen up, everyone. If you fancy a dance with the devil’s consort, we’ve got you covered. You can claim free spins offers targeting seriously saucy witch-themed slots right here at Casino Coupon Codes. Witches are, after all, omnipresent… They are pop culture personified, and we tell you why!

Did you know? Facts About Witches

Novels, movies and tomes by long dead kings feature diviners, sorceresses, wizards and witches. King James I, a king of England from yesteryear (late 16th to early 17th century, to be precise) penned a book called Daemonologie. In it he described how to find witches in great detail…

According to the monarch’s writings, witches are women. They have the mark of the devil – a simple birth mark, mole or beauty spot will do. Last but not least, witches do not bleed. Can just imagine how that panned out? Legions of terrified people tearing around stripping and pricking poor women in the hope of revealing the sorceress within!

Fortunately, the witch-themed slots you’ll find at our featured online casinos here at CCC are not nearly that traumatic. Neither are the accompanying free spins offers! It’s all about fun, fun and then some. Let’s get on with the witchy business…

The 409-Year-Old Witchcraft Act

The English were so convinced of the existence of witches they passed The Witchcraft Act of 1542. What is even more alarming is the act was only repealed in 1951! Think about it this way. Television was invented in 1927 – and for another (almost) three decades, this law was in place.

The youngest ‘witch’ to be hunted down was a four-year-old girl, and she was summarily executed for her wicked ways. Even if witches were not put to death in some ghastly fashion, they had to put up with all sorts of modifiers – one of which was the witch’s bridle…

Witches Were Forced to Wear Bridles!

The witch’s bridle was a common appliance fitted around the face of wayward women. It consisted of a metal plate that lay across the woman’s tongue. Needless to say, it rendered her speechless. No more spells or curses from you!

After that sordid yet interesting read about real life witches (or just women with freckles) and the terrifying history, let’s move onto something even more entertaining – the free spins offers featured at Casino Coupon Codes.

Free Spins with Witches – No Broomsticks Required!

Floating about the ether with a gnarly witch in tow is probably not on your to-do list. Even if it is, you need the agility of a black cat and stickiness of a toad to stay on course. Fortunately, there is an easier way to familiarise yourself with harpies, harridans, and crones!

Better still it doesn’t involve swallowing a bat’s ear or prodding the bright blue behind of a baboon. All it takes is a quick squizz of the free spins offers featured at Casino Coupon Codes. Page through the options and there is one charmed online slots bonus that stands out.

In this sortie with a spell caster, no broomsticks or pointed hats are required. What is more, you can win real money without contributing a dime. In reality, free spins offers are the equivalent of the dark arts. If you are lucky, you could be the next beneficiary of bucket loads of lucre!

Onwards to Slots Capital as the ‘Crone’ Flies!

The free spins offer we are referring to hails from Slots Capital Online Casino. It is identified by a unique coupon code. The code has to be entered at the cashier. That way you gain access to the free spins bonus game and the potential largesse concealed on the reels.

Before you can unlock a date with the sorceress, you have to register an account at Slots Capital by tapping or clicking on the featured offer here at Casino Coupon Codes. Once you are a signed-up member, 100 free spins of Witches of Salem slot are all yours!

Why Claim WITCH100?

The question is – why redeem this particular code and none of the other free spins offers? That is easy to answer. It is the only bonus where all 100 free spins are on the same witchy kind of slot game!

You can, of course, sign up at SlotoCash Casino and unlock 50 free spins on Bubble Bubble and Bubble Bubble 2 slots, respectively. The conundrum, however, is the bonus is also tied into other witch-free games. That is not our current modus operandi!

As for the rest of the free spins offers at Casino Coupon Codes? They target slots like Big Santa, Fire Hawk Matriarch, Dr Winmore and Cash Bandits 2. These are super slots to play, but none of them have anything remotely to do with witches, so they won’t do for our iteration of The Witch Chronicles!

What’s Hot in Witches of Salem Slot?

Free spins offers only hold real value when they are linked to high-end slots. That is why you have to choose your slots bonuses with care. The good news is that Rival Gaming has packed plenty of special effects into Witches of Salem slot – and they are yours to exploit.

The showpiece of the 5 reel and 243 pay way game is the Wheel of Witchcraft. It is structured as a conventional money wheel and triggered by the scatter symbol. Rather than simply awarding you free spins, you have to twirl the wheel to get your dues.

Wheel of Witchcraft

The Wheel of Witchcraft is divided into segments featuring different free spins tallies, multipliers, and fixed jackpots. You get three, four of five spins of the wheel depending on the number of activating scatters. You are then awarded the prizes corresponding with the segments on which the indicator lands.

They can be three different quantities of free spins, which are all added together. They can be free spins and 2 x or 3 x multipliers or both. They can also be free spins, a multiplier and one of three jackpots.

Fixed Jackpots

In the Witches of Salem slot, the jackpots are fixed at 66 x, 666 x and 6,666 x the stake! That is no small potatoes – even for an enchantress who can conjure up her own cash!

As for the regular payouts? They range from 37.50 x to 4.50 x the total bet. Factor in a betting range of $0.20 to $20 and you can win up to $750 in the base game. That can soar to $2,250 in the free spins round thanks to the multiplier effect. Hit the major jackpot and as much as $133,320 could be yours!

Now days, witches are depicted in a better light. That is unless you have been scared to death by The Blair Witch Project or Rosemary’s Baby. That said, most of us refrain from torturing or killing members of the Wiccan faith.

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