Famous Code Crackers: People Who Unlocked Encrypted Secrets & Casino Bonus Codes!

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Best Kept Secrets Revealed

Deciphering the most complex and enigmatic codes on earth required brilliant young minds – the fabled code breakers. Encoded documents like the Zimmermann Telegram and Germany’s notorious cipher machine, the Enigma, had the power to reshape the world as we know it, and end (or start) battles.

The Rubik’s Cube, a teaching device and 3D puzzle piece has been foiling everyone for more than 30 years – except for those incredibly smart Speedcubers! These are just some of the most challenging ciphers, puzzles and codes that have since been decrypted.

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Now back to the clever folks who cracked the codes…

Nigel de Grey and the Zimmerman Cable

The Zimmerman cable was a secret-coded communique between the German Empire and Mexico. It proposed a military alliance between the two countries should the United States decide to join forces with the allies in World War I.

In exchange for taking up arms against their northerly neighbor, and impeding the flow of weapons to Britain, Mexico would get the states of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Audacious or what?

Thankfully, the encoded telegram was intercepted by British Intelligence. The document with its jumbled-up numerical text was promptly sent to Room 40 of the Admiralty in London – home to British Naval Intelligence.

An Eton-educated codebreaker by the name of Nigel de Grey managed to partially decode the cable by the very next day! The upshot was there was no alliance, America did not join the war, and after four years of fighting, the Allies won!

Phew! Talk about averting disaster – and we have one man and his team to thank! De Grey went on to Bletchley Park where he worked on decoding the Enigma cipher machine.

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Rubik’s Cube Solved in Seconds

The Rubik’s Cube may not be a code or cipher per se. It is 3 x 3 x 3 puzzle game that has confused, baffled and bewildered millions upon millions of people for 50 years or so. Even today, only a handful of folks can line up all the colors in the first go.

What makes the cube so interesting is it took its own inventor three months to solve. When it went mainstream, another 36 years went by before some smart-ass got it right. Now mathematicians have dissected the toy and come up with the fact that there are 43 quintillion possible configurations!

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As for the key code cracker of the Rubik’s Cube? There have been many over the years, but 21-year-old Max Park managed to solve the puzzle in 3.13 seconds – a Guinness World Record! Now for the nerdy bit. In 2010, a group of programmers proved the puzzle can be solved in just 20 moves. Talk about a spoiler alert!

Alan Turing’s Bombe vs the Nazi Enigma Machine

During World War II the Nazis used a sophisticated cipher machine to communicate with its armed forces. The machine was considered super-secure, so much so it was used to encode top-secret messages from the Fuhrer, himself.

The Enigma, as it was appropriately named, used a mechanical rotor mechanism to randomly scramble the letters in the alphabet and use as ciphertext. Even when the Allies did intercept the messages, they were none the wiser. They simply could not crack the code.

Enter Alan Turing, a computer scientist, mathematician and cryptanalyst. Rather than trying to decipher the Enigma code, he first developed a cryptanalytic process called Banburismus. The reason being Turing’s conviction that the human brain was incapable of breaking the code.

Once he had the process in place, he built a decoding machine called the Bombe. The rest is a foregone conclusion. The Bombe beat the Enigma at its own game!

By cracking the code, Turning singlehandedly changed the course of the war. For the first time, the Allies had the element of surprise. They knew where troops, ships, planes and U-boats were located – and even had a direct line of sight of what the Nazis were planning!

Turning and the rest of the team at Bletchley Park have rightfully taken their place in the annals of history.

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