Get 100 Free Spins at Red Stag Online Casino

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As more and more online casino gamers are finding out, Casino Coupon Codes has hit the online gaming world fast and strong. Today, we will encourage you to avail yourself of the Red Stag 100 coupon promotion. The Red Stag 100 is for 100 free spins on Fire Hawk Matriarch.

Why Does Casino Coupon Codes Like Red Stag Casino?

There are many reasons!

Red Stag understands what gamers want from an online casino. Gamers want fun, diversion, relaxation, and creativity. Red Stag Casino delivers on all fronts. Let’s take a look a creativity first.

WGS Technology

Red Stag uses WGS Technology software for all of their games. WGS is known for the elegant graphics and animation plus the very diverse range of video slots themes.

WGS Technology was one of the leaders among established game providers to expand their use of color in slots. Gamers often use the term “smooth” to describe WGS slots.

WGS is also a leading developer of video poker games and table games including blackjack, roulette, craps, keno and more.

There are gamers who feel that great looking and smooth playing slots “grow on trees”. Au contraire!

At WGS there are always teams of creative artists working on every aspect of a new slot the provider is planning to introduce soon. These teams include graphic artists, storytellers who come up with the central idea for every game, color coordinators who blend the best colors with the character designs the graphic artists have developed, animators to make the wild symbols at the very least and usually other characters, as well, “come to life”.

No online casino can survive the competition in today’s online casino market without a fantastically creative game provider and WGS fits that role perfectly for Red Stag Casino.

Diversion and Relaxation

Red Stag Casino understands that most people come home from another hard day at work tired and in need of some relaxing activity. Some people read, some watch television, some go to their hobby, and some play online casino games.

As is also the case with reading, immersing oneself in a hobby, watching television, strolling about town, cooking, and so on, online casino gaming can be a pleasant diversion as well as a great way to relax.

What is Fire Hawk Matriarch About

Fire Hawk Matriarch is a sequel to Fire Hawk. Both are based on the rich heritage of Native Americans. The Native Americans struggled mightily against the European colonizers and the Fire Hawk slots celebrate the heroism displayed in this fight that lasted decades.

Fire Hawk Matriarch is about a clan of Native American tribes who were headed by a woman. The symbols include a pipe which could be either a peace pipe or a war pipe, a headdress, drum, Fire Hawk, and the Princess.

Red Stag Offers 22 Variations of Video Poker

One of the best games at any online casino is video poker. When gamers use the best strategy on every hand, the return to player rate is about 99.5%! This is huge. Red Stag offers both Jacks or Better and Tens or Better video poker in many variations.

We feel that gamers should learn video poker strategy well since there is no volatility in video poker. The game is played with one deck of cards. Gamers should learn when it is the best strategy to break up a winning pair in order to go for a higher paying hand such as a straight flush or a Royal Flush.

Red Stag Casino Excels at the Fine Art of Promotional Offers

Red Stag runs so many promotions that it would take a very long article to chronicle them all. Of course, you can access them all by going to Red Stag yourself!

Let’s go over the Welcome Package for new Red Staggers. There are two elements in the Red Stag Welcome Package that are missing from most online casino new player promotions.

Bonus Rate

Red Stag Casino offers up to $2500 in gamers’ first seven deposits. It is the bonus rates that are so astounding! Listen to this!

  1. The first bonus in the Welcome Package is for 275% up to $550. This bonus rate is a lot higher than most casinos offer. In fact, we are not aware of any casino that offers such a high bonus rate for a gamer’s first (or any) deposit!
  2. The second bonus is for 175% up to $350.
  3. The third bonus is for $100% up to $200.
  4. Next is a bonus of 175% up to $350.
  5. Then Red Stag offers a bonus of 100% up to $200.
  6. The sixth Welcome Package bonus is for 150% up to $300.
  7. The seventh and final bonus in the package is once again for 275% up to $550!

Aren’t the Maximum Bonuses Small?

We would not describe them in this way! Let’s take a look. How much does a gamer have to deposit to get a $550 bonus on his or her first deposit? Well, the bonus rate is 275%! At this rate, how much does a gamer have to deposit to get a $550 bonus?

We couldn’t do the math in our head. Thankfully, we could take out our calculator!

We calculated that a mere $200 deposit at a 275% bonus rate earns gamers a $550 bonus which gives them $750 to play with!

This demonstrates a guiding element in the online casino gaming approach at Red Stag. Red Stag wants gamers to have fun! That’s why gamers can get so much bonus money for such a small deposit!

Red Stag also doesn’t want to “force” gamers to make excessively large deposits in order to get a nice sized bonus! Red Stag is so confident that gamers will like what they see at the casino that they can offer big bonuses for small deposits!

Let’s Not Forget those Free Spins!

The second element in the Red Stag Welcome Package is that they offer free spins with each deposit. The free spins begin at 100 for the first two deposits, go down to 50 free spins for the next two deposits, then 25 for the next two, and, finally, 150 free spins for the seventh deposit.

The free spins are all on different slots. Thus, just by playing with Welcome Bonus money, gamers get a very informative close up look at Red Stag Casino.

Casino Coupon Codes Scours the Internet for Great Promotions and Great Casinos

There are thousands of online casinos. It would take a very long time to study each one and report back to you. We look for the best promotions we can find and look at casinos through that prism.

That is how we came to know Red Stag Casino. We feel that this casino has a lot to offer gamers in many ways including games, promotions, and safe banking. Red Stag also has a promotion for deposits with bitcoin! The bonus rate for this promotion is a full 300%!

Red Stag 100 free spins are waiting for you at Casino Coupon Codes! Come and get yours today.