Casino Coupon Codes Takes an Unusual Look at Jackpot Capital Online Casino

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Jackpot Capital is one of the top recommended online casinos here at Casino Coupon Codes. JC, as the casino is often called, checks all of the boxes for what gamers generally consider to be criteria that make a casino top notch.

Here is a quick overview of these parameters for Jackpot Capital and then we have a unique surprise for you: an unusual way to look at an online casino.

Safety and Security

Gamers keep their money in their online casino account. Once a gamer has deposited money, it is the responsibility of the casino to keep track of the money in real time and to guarantee, as much as modern technology can do so, the safety and security of that money.

Jackpot Capital has a huge computer bank so that they can keep track of all games, promotions, wagering requirements, and bonuses, not just in real time but as fast as possible!

A Huge Data Bank

The large data bank provides the casino to keep track of games and promotions with lightning speed. The encryption software causes all data kept in that same computerized database to be scrambled so they many online hackers can’t get to them.

Many gamers are not aware of the fact that hundreds and probably thousands of online businesses use encryption software to protect the privacy of their customers’ information.

Encryption Software is Pervasive in Online Commerce

So, it is not unusual for a top-level online casino such as Jackpot Capital to use the same or similar encryption software as are used by companies that sell airline tickets, clothes, food, eyeglasses, furniture, and so much more these days over the internet.


After a gamer feels confident that his or her money will be safe on deposit in their casino account at Jackpot Capital, they start to think about games. JC has about 300 games for your gaming pleasure. Most are slots.

Modern video slots are nothing like the mechanical slots that were the only slots in town those many years when there were only land-based casinos! Where once all slots looked the same, today no two slot games look the same!

Slots have themes with symbols and characters that are appropriate to the theme. So, SpinLogic, the game provider for Jackpot Capital, may have several slots with an ancient Egyptian theme but they all look different! You can only imagine the vast range of slot themes these days!

Graphics and Animation in Slots

Many gamers are not aware that animation has revolutionized the way wild symbols in slots work. We have stacked wilds, sticky wilds, moving wilds, cascading wilds, multiplier wilds, expanding wilds, and exploding wilds! As an online casino, Jackpot Capital encourages gamers to try out all of their games including all 200+ slots!

This is nothing like what happens at a land-based casino where a player might hoard a slot for a couple of hours or longer!

What Else Does JC Have that Land-based Casinos Don’t Have?

Online casinos have oodles more space than even the biggest land-based casinos. As a result, Jackpot Capital can offer several varieties of blackjack plus other table games that a land-based casino simply cannot afford to offer.

Why Is That?

Land-based casinos have much higher operating costs than even a big online casino such as Jackpot Capital has. So, a land-based casino needs as much floor space for slots as possible.

Be Aware of 6-5 Blackjack

Jackpot Capital always pays 3-2 for a blackjack while many land-based casinos now pay 6-5. The difference means that, while the return to player rate in 3-2 blackjack is about 99.5%, it is quite a bit less in 6-5 blackjack!

Jackpot Capital Offers Many Variations of Video Poker

Land-based casinos offer video poker at terminals. As the return to player rate in video poker when the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand is also about 99.5%, no land-based casino can afford to have more than a small handful of video poker terminals

In addition, many land-based casinos pay 8 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush which is vastly different than the 9-5 payouts at Jackpot Capital.

Jackpot Capital also offers many games that land-based casinos cannot carry. Finally, JC can accommodate thousands of gamers on the same game at the same time!


Jackpot Capital runs many promotions which are mostly for deposit bonuses and free spins. Promotions like these make online casino gaming much more varied than playing at a land-based casino can be!

Jackpot Capital Publishes Articles that Help Gamers in Many Ways!

This is the unusual way of looking at an online casino we spoke about earlier! The blog section at Jackpot Capital is accessible at the bottom of the landing page. At this writing, Jackpot Capital has published over 600 articles!

Some Articles Introduce a New Game

SpinLogic brings out a new slot every month! The blogs about the new games give gamers an inside look at how the new game will play, how the scatters and wild symbols will operate, and much more.

These blogs are designed to whet a gamer’s appetite for venturing forth to the storyline behind the new slot!

The Blogs Also Carry Many Articles about All Facets of Gaming

Let’s take a look at a few such articles. We will give you the page number as of today which is July 2023 so, if you read this article later on, the article referenced might be on a later page!

What Kind of Player are You?

Jackpot Capital asks this question on page 33. They give three examples: happy-go-lucky, strategic player, or high roller. There are many other player types with a lot of overlap between them. For instance, you might be mainly a happy-go-lucky type of player but, since JC recommends short and frequent gaming sessions, you could also enjoy some time playing a game of skill such as video poker or blackjack at the tail end of session!


On page 31 is an article that introduces bitcoin banking at JC. Bitcoin has the advantage of being more anonymous than even a e-wallet! By now, Jackpot Capital has introduced Bitcoin Lightning for faster banking!


Jackpot Capital published its first article on the history of poker on page 28. With the recent passing of poker legend Doyle Brunson, who was one of the players who together brought Texas Hold’em to Las Vegas, the history of poker has become a hot topic.

Wagering Requirements

Jackpot Capital devoted an entire article to explain the whys and hows of the wagering requirements that are a necessity in online casino deposit bonuses and the main reason land-based casinos do not offer deposit bonuses.

Learn Strategy on Page 22

Jackpot Capital published two articles on video poker strategy, two on blackjack strategy, and one about great life hacks from online casino gaming. Starting on page 22 and working backwards to the present day, JC changed its blogging course and began to offer many articles on the benefits of online casino gaming.


Page 21 is devoted to several articles on gaming fun and tips for winning more at slots. Fun has become an ongoing theme at Jackpot Capital.

JC continues the development of the concept of fun as the overriding element in casino gaming. They have an article on variance in slots that explains quite well how variance affects slots.

On page 19, there is an article on how tilt is the great enemy of fun. Avoid tilt; have fun! On the same page is a clear explanation of why betting systems don’t work.

Wow. What Articles are There on Pages 1-18?

We invite all gamers to go to the Jackpot Capital blog and read their amazing collection of articles that can only help you be better gamers, have more fun playing, and keep gaming in its proper perspective as a diversion and an entertainment.

Casino Coupon Codes Has Much to Say about Online Casino Gaming

We feel that we are definitely on the same page as Jackpot Capital in their and our emphasis on fun in gaming! Bonuses and bonus codes are one of the many catalysts that make online casino gaming so much fun and so amenable to gamers.