Top 4 Websites for Special Deals, Coupons and Cashback

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When times are tough and cash is scarce, what do we do? Look for ways of saving money. If cut price vacation packages, cashback on retail goods and no deposit bonus deals at the best gaming platforms are what you are after, read on!

It was not that long ago that special deals were limited and localized. You either had to walk the streets to find a retailer with the best prices, or scour the local newspapers and magazines and cut out and collect coupons for future use. Special deals were by and large not special at all. They were simply lower prices on the same goods at all the neighbourhood stores.

Introducing Fabulous Freebies with 1-Click!

Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of online platforms featuring all sorts of amazing freebies. Some specialise in delivering instant savings on goods purchased online… Others focus on listing eye-popping new car deals.

Fact is, finding ways to preserve your income has never been easier – nor as much fun! Whether you are looking to save on clothing, toiletries or foodstuffs, or fancy a few no strings attached free spins on slots – there is a dedicated location you can visit to do precisely that.

Here are 4 sites that are consistently updated to bring you the latest and greatest coupon codes, retail rebates, cashback offers and no deposit bonus deals. Hint: Casino Coupon Codes is on the list!

1. Kayak – Cut Price Hotel and Vacation Package Deals

Targeting a global audience, Kayak is one of the most powerful meta search engine sites for aspirant travellers. It scans through dozens of booking sites to find the best prices – for flights, accommodation and all-in-one travel packages. It is one-stop shop for all your holiday and business travel requirements.

What makes Kayak so special is the output speed. All you have to do is enter your preferred destination, travel dates and type of accommodation and hit the search button. Within seconds, you are presented with the best deals and competitive hotel rates featured on sites like, Expedia and!

If that is not what you are after, you can find what you are looking for by searching for hotels by destination. It is a quick, easy and effective way of nailing down what you what, when you want it and at a price you can afford!

Want to summer in Cape Town? Done. Fancy a few nights in the City of Lights? No problem! How about five days in Las Vegas at Club de Soleil or MGM Grand? Maybe… but there is a cheaper way unlocking no deposit bonus deals – and we will get to that a little later on!

2. RetailMeNot – Coupons, Promo Codes, Cashback on Everything!

Launched in 2009 and with an estimated $500 million in annual revenue, RetailMeNot is the ultimate savings resource. It collates coupon and cashback deals from thousands of retail stores. Offers are updated every 24 hours, which means brand new daily savings.

On any given day, you will find not-to-be-missed coupon deals for accessories, automotive products, baby clothing and toys, beauty and make-up products, clothing, electronics, health, home and garden, furniture and pets and even travel.

Besides getting your low-cost retail fix through the RetailMeNot website, how else can you save a buck? As expected, there is a mobile app jam packed with exclusive app-only deals.

There is also a deal finder extension that auto-applies promo codes and cashback as you shop! Based on feedback from users, savings clock in at around $25 bucks for each and every deal!

That, aspirant shoppers, is the equivalent of a minimum deposit at the best casinos online! You know? The gaming platforms that always feature no deposit bonus deals on the promo page!

3. Techbargain – Best Deals on Computers, Electronics and Gadgets

The Techbargain portal specialises in featuring bargain basement deals and rock bottom prices on all things tech. Offers are sourced directly from major brands like Lenovo, Dell, Verizon, HP, Microsoft, Amazon and Walmart. That way, you know you are getting excellent quality at an affordable price.

Their main mission is to ensure users – all 49,000 of them – never miss out on an exclusive offer, price drop or new tech release. Along with helping consumers acquire the hottest products at reduced rates, Techbargain offers consumers advice.

Consumer advice? Yep! The in-house techies assess your tech requirements and point you at the products going at bargain prices. Deals typically include discounted or free shipping and are listed according to store and product or device.

We all know smartphones are essential communication devices. They are also the key to digital banking, shopping, browsing and gaming – and that is where our next special deal website steps in.

It is the access point to an infinite array of online casino comps ranging from free spins and free bets to no deposit bonus deals!

4. Casino Coupon Codes – Freebies for Online Gambling Buffs

Casino Coupon Codes features exclusive deals redeemable at trusted online casinos. Offers range in structure from traditional welcome bonuses, free bets and free spins – not forgetting those ever so saught after no deposit bonus deals.

The incentives showcased at Casino Coupon Codes are typically unique to our online portal. In other words, the free offers are not part of the standard promotional packages offered by the online casinos themselves.

What that means is users can get two bites of the cherry – and we’re not referring to the trending mocktail as this is no snoozefest. Instead, it goes like this:

Firstly, our users can claim a bonus via Casino Coupon Codes. Then, once the wagering requirement has been fulfilled, players are free to pick and choose what they want from the casino’s featured in-house promos. That pretty much makes CCC your gateway to even more rewards!

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