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Casino Coupon Codes offers bonuses to our readers at select online casinos. The Thunderbolt casino coupons we offer are in addition to the many promotions Thunderbolt casino runs.

The present bonus we are running with Thunderbolt Casino is a no deposit bonus for R300.

Thunderbolt Has Hundreds of Games and a Major Twist

What is the twist, you may ask?  Well, on their landing page, Thunderbolt covers a lot of their games divided by category and they put Unlimited Free Play front and center!

This is unusual as all good online casinos offer unlimited free play since they have no space restrictions as land-based casinos do and because thousands of gamers can all play the same game at the same time, but they don’t like to publicize free play!

Kudos to Thunderbolt Casino for letting gamers know right away that if they are playing a game for the first time, or are not familiar with a game, or just want to play for free they can do so at Thunderbolt Casino!

Why Do Some Gamers Check out Games in Free Play Mode?

The answer really depends on the game the player wants to play. In slots, for instance, Thunderbolt offers more than 250 slots with many different themes.

SpinLogic is the casino’s game provider and they have a massive stock of online slots and bring out a new slot at least once every month. So, a gamer might want to check out a new slot in free play mode.

In fact, when it comes to slots, gamers usually try the new games out with real money but they bet very small at first until they see how the game pays out and whether they enjoy playing the slot as an entertainment.

Table Games and Video Poker

The top table game is blackjack. Along with video poker, blackjack has a return to player rate of about 99.5%! These are games of skill in which to achieve the 99.5% return to player, a gamer has to make the correct decision on every hand.

This makes playing at least for a while in free play mode to be sure that you feel confident about playing for real money.

Thunderbolt offers many variations of both blackjack and video poker. Each variation has some nuance that makes it worthwhile to try the games out in free-play mode.

Thunderbolt Casino also offers as many as 52 hands in multi-hand video poker. Since a gamer will always bet the maximum in video poker in order to qualify for the big Royal Flush bonus, it certainly stands to reason that a gamer would check out a video poker variation in free play mode.

What Does Free Play Teach Us about Other Thunderbolt Games?

Here we are going to have some fun!  First, we will look at the three Caribbean Poker variations and then we will quickly look at a few other great table games from SpinLogic.

The three Caribbean Poker games are Caribbean Draw, Caribbean Stud, and Caribbean Hold’em. In each variation, the player makes an ante bet. Then the dealer deals the cards. In Caribbean Hold’em, the player makes his or her decision after the first three community cards come out.

In Caribbean Draw and Caribbean Stud, the players make their decision after the deal.

What Decision Do the Players Have to Make?

The players have to decide if they want to stay in the hand or fold their cards. If they fold, they lose the ante bet. If they choose to stay in the hand, they have to make a second bet that is double the ante bet.

At first glance, it would seem pretty straightforward. If the player has a poor hand he or she folds. With a good hand, they continue. But it is not at all as straightforward as it looks! The dealer has to have a minimum hand to “qualify” to win the hand!

Here are the possibilities in a game of Caribbean Poker. These possible outcomes apply to all of the three variations but the minimum hand the dealer needs to qualify does differ from game to game.

  1. If the player folds, he or she loses the ante bet.
  2. If the player continues, and the dealer does qualify, either the player or the dealer will win both the ante bet and the continuation bet.
  3. If the player continues, and the dealer does not qualify, the player wins the ante bet and the continuation bet is a push.
  4. In the third example, the player wins the ante bet even if his or her hand was worse than the dealer’s hand!

There is a side bet in Caribbean Poker that is shared by all three variations. The side bet allows payments for high hands and has a progressive jackpot that pays out in full for a Royal Flush and less money for lesser good hands.

Tri-Card Poker

There are similarities between Caribbean Poker and Tri-card Poker. In Tri-card Poker the player makes an ante bet and then the dealer deals three cards to all players. At a land-based casino, the other players at the table keep their three cards hidden so the others can’t use the information to make their continuation decision.

At Thunderbolt Online Casino, gamers play Tri-card Poker alone so they see their cards face up throughout the hand. After the player sees his or her three cards, they have to decide whether to fold or raise. A raise is equal to the ante.

The dealer has to have at least a queen high hand to qualify to win.  Here are the possibilities in Tri-card Poker:

  1. The player folds and loses his or her ante bet.
  2. The player raises and the dealer does not qualify. The ante bet is returned and the raise bet is a push.
  3. The player raises and the dealer qualifies. Here the higher hand wins both bets.
  4. Here are extra payouts for a straight flush and three of a kind.

Tri-card Poker has been studied by computers and the player is advised to raise every hand that is queen, six, and four or better and to fold all other hands. This does seem odd as if the dealer qualifies, he will likely bet queen-six. Thus, the statistical analysis must mean that this bet “protects” the ante bet.

Thunderbolt has many other games, such as Banana Jones. This game is based on the children’s game Chutes and Ladders and is a spoof on the Indiana Jones movies. The history of Chutes and Ladders is quite interesting!

Fish Catch is a deep-sea fishing game with amazing graphics.

Thunderbolt also offers European Roulette which has a house edge that is half the house edge in American Roulette.

In short, while Thunderbolt Casino caters to the South African gaming market, it is available all over the world and is a great online casino.

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