The Biggest Real Money (Casino) Deals of All Time

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What are the biggest deals in history? Some involve purchasing an entire territory or island. Others are deals inked with a sports star or podcaster. If you want to know who has more bucks than Elon Musk, here are a few real money casino deals – with or without ‘casino’ in the fine print!

Best Real Money Casino Deals

Before we get into the biggest purchases, acquisitions and sponsorship deals of all-time, here is a heads up. The best real money casino deals are not mergers or hostile takeovers. Instead, they are incentives that that reward ordinary folks like you – like the rewards here at Casino Coupon Codes!

Real money casino deals are structured in a myriad of different ways. Options typically vary from free cash and free bets to free spins of seriously slick online slots. Each deal is identified by a unique marker known as a coupon code.

Deals Unlock Sponsored Gameplay

In essence, real money casino deals unlock complimentary access to top ranked gaming platforms online. They give you the opportunity to sample the wares. Depending on the structure of the deal; the incentive, bonus or perk is either valid for use prior to funding an account or as part of the registration process.

Get Complimentary Cash

Take the Slotocash real money casino bonus as an example. When you sign up at the casino and deposit funds into your account, you get a 400% bonus. That is as much as $4,000 extra to play with, compliments of the casino.

Play Slots for Free

Other real money casino deals are less about bonus cash and more about free play. Red Stag Casino, for instance, offers first time rookies 100 – yep, that is one hundred – free spins. The qualifying game is Fire Hawk Matriarch.

The 5 reel WGS online slot is notable for a few reasons. For one, it has a top prize of up to $50k in the base game. Trigger the free games bonus round and payouts are instantly upgraded by 2 x through to 10 x multipliers.

Deals Exclusive to CCC

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Biggest Real Money Deals in the ‘Property’ Sector

One of the most (in)famous property deals was between Russia and the USA. It was one that benefited the Americans – and in leaps and bounds. The deal was closed in 1867 with the US agreeing to pay less than $0.02 an acre for the territory of Alaska!

The total amount paid for the 49th state of the USA? A meagre $7.2 million. That is the equivalent of just $152.5 million today! Now that is a good deal!

Branson and Necker Island

When you talk about the biggest real money deals in history, Richard Branson’s acquisition of his own private Caribbean Island is right up there at top of the list. In 1979 the English entrepreneur paid just $180,000 for Necker Island, a fraction of the asking price.

Whether it was his boyish smile that clinched the deal, one thing is for sure. An investment worth $777,391 today has clearly paid dividends. Necker Island is one of the most expensive private islands on the planet. It is currently valued at around $150 million!

Larry Ellison and the Hawaiian Island of Lanai

Tech mogul, Larry Ellison has a net worth of more than $148 billion. According to the 2024 Forbes richest list, the founder and former CEO of Oracle software is the fifth richest man in the world. He like Branson bought himself a slice of paradise in 2012.

His choice of real estate was 98 percent of Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii. The cost? A cool $300 million. All things considered that is chump change for a guy like him!

The Cosmopolitan – One of Many Real Money Casino Deals on The Strip

In 2021 Blackstone sold The Cosmopolitan luxury resort hotel and casino on the fabled Las Vegas Strip for $5.65 billion. MGM Resorts International paid $1.63 billion for the resort’s operations. A group of investors snapped up the real estate.

How much did Blackstone make on the deal? According to the records they bought the Las Vegas property for $1.73 billion in 2014! That is a gross return of $3.92 billion. Not bad for a short seven year investment!

Biggest Real Money Podcaster Deals

Podcasts are the equivalent of radio on-demand. They feature a wide range of listenable content. A podcast app like Spotify has a massive market cap of $65 billion. That makes it one of the top 300 most valuable companies in the world!

With that kind of money lying around Spotify is perfectly placed to offer podcasters jaw dropping real money deals. In 2021 they concluded a $200 million four-year arrangement with Joe Rogan. In return the controversial podcaster’s shows would be exclusive to the platform.

News is Spotify has recently clinched a new deal with Rogan. This time he gets an estimated $250. Plus – and this is the interesting bit – the show is allowed to stream on other platforms!

Biggest Real Money Sponsorship Deal

The Michael Jordan and Nike tie-up is the stuff of legends. In 1984 the sports footwear and apparel brand approached Jordan, then a Chicago Bulls rookie, with a deal to design what is now known universally as Air Jordan sneakers.

The 5 year $2,5 million deal was a resounding success for both parties. Jordan cashed-in and Nike made $126 million in Air Jordan sales in just the first year! The duo then went on to launch the Jordan brand. In 2023 the brand accumulated $6.59 billion in revenue. That is 13% of Nike’s total turnover!

How to Claim the Biggest Real Money Casino Deals Online

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