Check out Fair Go Casino and Learn Some Aussie Slang

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Here at Casino Coupon Codes, we look at a lot of online casinos.  Fair Go Casino, in our humble opinion, is one of the best. After you get your Fair Go casino login and start moseying about the casino, you will encounter hundreds of great online casino games, easy and safe banking, and, as an added element that should bring a big smile to your face, some Australian slang.

How Do I Get My Fair Go Casino Login?

No worries, mate!

Fair Go has a page just for you. It is the sign-up button. On it, the casino explains how any bloke can get a login. They say it takes just a jiffy.

Get the form, fill out the form, check the form so that you filled it out correctly, submit the form and Fair Go says “woohoo cobbers”!

Now cobbers is deep down Aussie slang for mate.  Mate means friend, pal, or buddy. It means something else in North American standard English and the Aussie meaning is substantially different.

In Australia  a mate has a lot of mates while elsewhere, a person may have one mate!

Fair Go Casino Educates the Public

In the speed of a kangaroo punch, your login is ready for action. We are duly appreciative to Fair Go for giving us that excellent tutorial as to the speed of a kangaroo punch.

In the United States, the speed of a kangaroo punch and a New York minute are the same. Which do you feel is more descriptive?

Are You Ready for a Cobber’s Walkabout?

We spoke about moseying about the casino. In Australia, they might say, and Fair Go does invite you to take a walkabout in the casino. Now, a North American might think they mean to walk about the casino.

But, no mates!

A walkabout is a uniquely Australian kind of moseying about. On your walkabout, you will encounter a few hundred games that are “mega-power ripper”. That means that they are pretty good and a lot of fun to play!

Is a New York Minute the Same as a Buckeroo Moment?

It would seem so! Gamers with whizzing accounts, meaning gamers who are already signed up to play, can access the game fast.

Fair Go Goes One Further for You

Most online casinos offer unlimited free play. They want gamers to play for real money as quickly as possible. Fair Go tells you immediately, in the next paragraph after you sign up to play, that you can play in free play mode as long as you like.

When you are ready to deposit real money, the casino has many ways for you to do so. The casino’s banking is so smooth that whichever banking method you choose, it works a treat. Fair Go loves banking with cryptocurrencies; they are the bees’ knees.

Where Did Fair Go Casino Come From?

Fair Go started out in 2017. Very soon, gamers came to realize that Fair Go stands for fun, honest, and fair dinkum gaming. Fair Go is simply bonzer, mates! Fair Go has a mascot called Kev who has his own diary. The casino also publishes a magazine with news, reports, goings on, offers, and more!

Here is a direct quote from Kev about sharing his leaves with a cobber.

“I can’t possibly deprive a neighbour of food… especially if he’s flogging them to feed his kids. So, instead of dobbing him in, I’m going to share the love. I’ve put on a eucalyptus banquet for Bruce and his fam.”

Fair Go Has Great Games, Too

Fair Go runs over 200 slots which means pokies in Australia. Pokies are the fave casino games of all Aussies. The pokies at Fair Go have many and varied themes, bonuses, thrills, and jackpots.

Fair go also carries a large selection of video poker and blackjack games. The return to player rate in video poker and blackjack can be as high as around 99.5%! It all depends on the gamers. If gamers play these games with the best strategy on every hand, the return to player rate is, as we said, about 99.5%!

There is no real strategy in pokies. A lot of the fun in blackjack and video poker is to use the best strategy on every hand and a lot of the fun in pokies is simply to play. Fair Go encourages gamers to experience both sides of the online casino coin: enjoy games of chance and games of skill equally!

Caribbean Poker Games Use Both Skill and Chance

In the three Caribbean Poker games, the gamer makes an ante bet and then the dealer deals the cards. The gamer looks at his or her cards and has to decide to fold or to continue.

If the gamer folds, they lose the ante bet and another hand begins. If the gamer decides to continue, he or she has to make a second bet that is double the ante bet.

Is That All There is to Caribbean Poker?

No, mate!

Now it gets complicated! The dealer cannot win the hand, even if she has the better hand, unless she “qualifies” to win. In each variation of Caribbean Poker, there is a different minimum hand the dealer needs to qualify.

If the player folds, he loses his ante bet. If he chooses to continue, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. The dealer qualifies and wins. The dealer wins both bets.
  2. The dealer qualifies and loses. The gamer wins both bets.
  3. The dealer does not qualify. The gamer wins the ante bet and the second bet is a push.

So, What is the Best Strategy in Caribbean Poker?

It is very difficult to see what the best strategy is in each variation of Caribbean Poker!

Caribbean Poker is the quintessential game of both skill and chance!

Caribbean Poker also has a progressive jackpot that the three games share. As this is being written, the progressive jackpot is about $60,000. Gamers can win a part of the jackpot with a great hand and the whole enchilada with a Royal Flush.

We admit that the whole enchilada is not a native Australian phrase! But Aussies love enchiladas!

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