Four Badass Bandits of History & Fair Go Coupon Codes!

A vector sunset scene of a gun touting bandit standing spread-legged in front of his gang on horseback

Bandits, outlaws, gangsters and desperados. They are the badass dudes who crack vaults, whack their enemies and bowl the ladies clean over. You can find them everywhere – in history books, on celluloid and wedged onto the latest CCC-exclusive Fair Go coupon!

Here is a selection of notorious freebooters who took what they shouldn’t. Some died in a hail of bullets, others at the end of a rope. Still others are out on parole and living it up!

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1. Randy the Scatter-Brain Robber and the Fair Go Coupon Booty

Randy the robber may be a figment of our imagination but he is a bandit nonetheless. Unlike his cunning compatriots who steal all the loot and take no prisoners, Randy is prepared to share the spoils with you.

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When you compare Randy to the rest of the mobsters, he is as tame as tame can be. There are no shoot outs, shout outs or long term runabouts. He is simply a scatter who pays out up to 50 x the stake and has nary a clue on how to be badass bandit like …

2. Salvatore Giuliano – Poet, Playboy and Peoples’ Bandito

Our second bandit is a cop killer, black market racketeer and good looking ladies’ man. Active in the period immediately after the Allied Invasion of Sicily in WII, Giuliano stole from the rich and distributed it among the poor.

His first mistake was killing a member of the Carabinieri. When stopped at a check point and found with black market grain, Giuliano apparently took fright and blew the dude away.

That was the beginning of a life of crime that spanned seven short years. He together with his gang of 20 men are reputed to have killed more than 85 law enforcement officers. Almost 2,000 soldiers and Carabinieri were recruited to find and arrest him. They failed.

How can one man dodge the attentions of thousands of others? Salvatore was loved and protected by the people for one reason only – he shared the booty around. That made him almost invincible.

King of the Bandits

Giuliano became so brazen; he gave interviews to journalists from all over the world. Two page spreads hailing him as the ‘King of the Bandits’ appeared in US newspapers, embarrassing the authorities even more.

Eventually, at the age of 27 years Giuliano’s luck ran out. He was shot multiple times as he slept. The shooter was a guy called Pisciotta, a former best friend who murdered his mate in exchange for immunity.

There lies a story of its own. Pisciotta was never granted immunity from prosecution. He was sentenced to jail and died from poisoning administered by the hand of a well-known mafioso.

The Star of ‘The Sicilian’

Salvatore Giuliano has been immortalised in the 1984 movie, The Sicilian. His character was played by French actor Christopher Lambert who by all accounts is nowhere near as dashing and handsome.

Unfortunately, a Fair Go coupon can’t double as a movie ticket. That does not mean you can’t catch our bandit on the silver screen. There is a good chance you can watch The Sicilian online via one of the streaming channels.

3. Ned Kelly – Outlaw of the Outback

Ned Kelly was born a bandit. He pulled off his first heist – consisting of precisely one shilling – at the age of 14. A year later he was involved in the first of many armed robberies.

In between burglarising, Kelly and his brother Dan rustled horses for a living. That prompted the arrival of a police office, a certain Arthur Fitzpatrick at the Kelly home with a warrant for Dan’s arrest.

After a brief melee, Ned and Dan fled into the bush. Ma Kelly was sentenced to three years hard labour for assaulting a police officer. An attempt to round up the Kellys went horribly wrong.

Shoot on Sight!

The cops were ambushed instead, with three of the four men succumbing in the attack. Ned and his brother were immediately declared outlaws who could be shot on sight… by anyone.

The two managed to evade capture and death, formed the Kelly gang and pulled off a series of audacious bank robberies. Their charmed life came to an end when the gang took 60 people hostage in a hotel.

A shootout ensued and only Ned survived. His last words as the noose was tightened around his neck were “such is life,” Today, Ned Kelly is an Aussie folk hero. In fact, there are more poems, songs and stories about the outlaw in the outback than anyone else – living or dead.

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4. Leonardo Notarbartolo – The Italian Mobster Who Stole $100 Million in Diamonds

The scene – the Antwerp Diamond Centre. The booty – over $100 million of diamonds, gold and jewellery. The objective – to steal the lot without alerting the cops.

That may sound simple but the loot was stored in a massive vault protected by 10 layers of security. We are talking doppler radar, electromagnetic locks, infrared heat detectors and seismic alarms.

Even if he evaded all that, Notarbartolo only had seconds in which to figure out the code to vault. The problem. The lock had 100 million combinations.

A Rendezvous in Milan

We will never know quite how he and his gang pulled it off but they did – and without being detected.  The booty was rammed into bags and shared out amongst the gang members who immediately started heading for Italy in rental cars.

They were due to meet in Milan the next day. The only exception the arrangement was Notarbartolo and one other man. Their job was to dispose of any evidence.

Rather than burning anything that could implicate them, they dumped it on the side of the road and sped off. A vigilant home owner saw what happened and contacted the police.

The Salami Sandwich!

Among the evidence recovered by the police was a partially eaten salami sandwich. It had Notarbartolo’s salvia all over it. The rest as they say is history!

Our Italian bandit spent 10 years in prison. He is now out on parole. Besides the 17 small diamonds found on him when he was arrested, the rest of the loot remains at large!

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