Rare Human Body Facts: Some Can Help When Playing Online Table Games!

A colllection of fingerprint types illustrated in blue on a black background

Humans are weird and wonderful creatures.  What makes some of us even weirder and more wonderful are unique attributes – or absence thereof – that a very small percentage of the global population share.  Although some are simply a result of evolution, you might be able to use them to exploit your winning chances when playing online table games!

The Absence of the Palmaris Longus Muscle

The palmaris longus muscle is a small, slender muscle located in the forearm that runs from the elbow to the wrist.  This muscle is relatively weak and does not play a significant role in hand movement, which is good news for those who play online table games!

That said, it can be useful in some fine motor activities such as writing or gripping small objects.  In humans, this muscle is vestigial, meaning that it is no longer essential for survival, and it has become less functional over time.  The loss of the Palmaris Longus Muscle in some individuals is believed to be a possible result of human evolution.

In fact, some people do not have the palmaris longus muscle at all.  Studies have found that around 14% of the population is born without it.  When playing at an online table games casino, the most you’re required to do is a few clicks or taps here and there.  The rest is down to casino software!  So, whether you have it or not, it makes no difference at all – at least not when playing at an online table games casino!

The Cervical Rib… Spare Ribs, Anyone?

A cervical rib is a super rare supernumerary rib bone, occurring in only around 0.5% of the population, and the exact cause is unknown.  Instead of having the usual 12 pairs of ribs –24 in total – you could have an extra one on the left or right… or on both sides!  These 25th or 26th ribs develop in the neck area, specifically originating from the seventh cervical vertebra.

The presence of a cervical rib is generally harmless and may go completely unnoticed.  In this case, it shouldn’t affect you playing online table games at all.  In some cases, however, it can cause problems when it presses on nerves and blood vessels in the neck and chest area, leading to pain, numbness, or weakness in the arms and hands.

Additionally, it can affect posture and contribute to the development of thoracic outlet syndrome.  We’re not Doctor Google, so if you’re playing online table games for extended periods and get aches and pains, don’t automatically think you have a cervical rib!  With odds of just 0.5%, it is more likely to be something else.

Arch fingerprints – And We Thought Our Prints Are Unique!

Imagine having extremely unique fingerprints, as if they aren’t unique enough already!  Well, that’s a thing – and it’s known as ‘arch fingerprints’.  The pattern is characterized by ridges that enter from one side of the finger and exit from the other side, forming a smooth, wave-like pattern.

This pattern is relatively uncommon, occurring in only about 5% of the population.  In contrast, the most common fingerprint patterns are loops and whorls, which occur in approximately 65% and 30% of the population, respectively.  If you play online table games on a phone or laptop that require biometric authentication, we bet having arch fingerprints add an extra layer of security!

Arch fingerprints are usually seen on the middle finger but can also occur on the index or ring fingers.  Unlike other fingerprint patterns, such as loops and whorls, arch fingerprints do not contain any delta points, which are triangular areas where ridge lines converge.  Whether this makes it easier or harder for forensic scientists to identify, we don’t know.  Same as with what causes it…

Play Online Table Games and Go with Your ‘Gut’… or ‘Sixth Sense’!

What could really up your chances of winning when playing online table games?  How about ‘spidey senses’!  Recent research has identified a potential “sixth sense” that may be linked to a mind-body nexus in the human brain.  This new research suggests that certain natural human abilities may be related to the way the brain processes information from the body and the environment.

Specifically, the study found that a region of the brain called the posterior insular cortex may be involved in integrating information from the body’s internal organs, such as the heart and gut, with sensory information from the external environment.  Ergo, this mind-body nexus may be responsible for a range of natural human abilities that have been described as a “sixth sense”, including intuition and gut instincts.

As for how many people truly have this ability, that remains unknown… Further research is also needed to fully understand how the brain and body are connected, which includes new insights into human perception and cognition.  For now, if you’re playing at an online table games casino and the strategy is clear, we say ‘go with your instincts!’

Ambidexterity – Taking Multi-Hand Gameplay to Another Level!

Sign up at any online table games casino and chances are you’ll find multi-hand games, especially video poker.  Ambidexterity is the ability to use both hands equally well for tasks that require fine motor skills, such as writing or drawing – or playing online table games!  The causes are not fully understood.

It is estimated that only around 1% of the population is truly ambidextrous – and that left-handed people have a greater likelihood of being ambidextrous.  That said, many people exhibit some degree of mixed-handedness or hand preference.  Mixed-handedness refers to the ability to perform different tasks with different hands, while hand preference refers to a stronger tendency to use one hand over the other for most tasks.

Interestingly, research has also found that ambidextrous individuals may have some cognitive advantages, such as greater flexibility in problem-solving and enhanced spatial reasoning skills – perfect for online table games of skill like blackjack and poker!  Even better when you can literally play on two devices, with each hand playing multi-hand games!  Now that’s a mind-blowing concept.

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There are the regular things that make humans special and some other extraordinary ones that we bet you’ve never heard about.  Golden blood, grey eyes, green eyes, double eyelashes, savant syndrome, a preauricular pit, and the list goes on…  Fact is, the human body and brain is something to marvel at.  Never mind all these unique traits though.  All you need to play online table games is a finger or two, a compatible device – and a recommended Casinos Coupons Codes Casino!